Things have come a long way for the word ‘dairy’. From just referring to a place where one milked animals so one could collect milk for human beings to drink, today it stands for the world of milk, milk processing and milk products.

It’s a world that encompasses the globe. Whether milk is drunk as it is or whether it is made into products like yogurt, cream, ice cream,  cheese, butter, desserts, chocolate, whatever – the fact remains that dairy as a business is a huge force to reckon with the world-over.

Which is why we thought we’d give you the buzz about dairy worldwide with a dairy online site. A bit of dairy education about everything that’s happening in this dairy world that makes the world go round. Never mind in which corner of the globe you are, some dairy product is sure to touch your world each day.

Whether you are a consumer or whether you are in the business of dairy, we have something for you. That’s what Dairybuzz is all about. All you need to do is take a trip through and discover just what’s in it for you.

Dairybuzz. We’ll give you all the buzz when it comes to dairy.